About LF

We are a group of local florists delivering happiness and emotional support to their loved ones.

At Local.Florist, customers order floral arrangements for their loved ones which are 100% delivered by local florists, designers to support local communities. By working together, we believe that we can share happiness in the most efficient way without worrying about the cost, delivery status, or even product quality.

A part of Florist Nationwide Networks

Local.Florist is a part of Florist Nationwide Networks. The networks have been created a long before the birth of internet and communicated via phone. Now, the networks are on cloud which all the orders are transmitted over the internet. By ordering online, not only it speeds up the ordering process, but also it has an accurate information about recipient, type of arrangement, and even card message.

Simple. Fast. Happy

Local.Florist is to make customers happy by creating a simple and fast ordering process. Our staff members have been in floral industry for over 10 years and we all enjoy working around the flowers and the people who like to put the biggest smile on their face.




Toll Free: (800) 735-7375